on writing.v

to write well you

must silence the ego*

and watch the muse dance (don’t forget to applaud)


*The ego is infatuated with the muse**, yet he wants her entirely for himself. Night after night, he holds her down and lies atop her, muffling her words, allowing them to only flow within his ears.

**The muse is in need of an advocate*** and you/I (the writer) are/am not to blame, even though every time we/I sit down to write and the muse extends her fingers within mine and wears my hands like gloves, the ego calls from the bleachers, bullshit/blasphemy/contradiction/contraceptive/damning/damning until the muse withdraws her hands.

***Though the advocate will draw out the ego to critic and belittle, each time the muse comes out, she grows stronger and more confident and the words of the ego grow quieter. She is thus able to better resist the ego when she is not activated****.

****The ego cannot activate the muse, resist the [fearful] urge to do just that. The muse comes only to welcoming hands, hands that are already working, because the ego mocks you as well. Set an example for the muse, write without her, despite the ego’s catcalls, and she will eventually join you, when she sees that you are not one for the ego to trifle with.


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