Hello dear friend,

we meet again

on a street corner of 7th and when?

I stood in front of the mirror

you peaked through the window

I was naked

and you were lying.


Hello dear friend,

it’s time things end

but I don’t know where to begin

see, so much of me is in you

and you in me

but I don’t know how to let you go.



Hello dear friend,

you did it again

it was late and too many drinks

and pills and smokes

elated, we eloped

choked and fizzled out.


Hello dear friend,

I picked us up again

On the corner of 6th and Penn

where we puked, wretchedly

face in the gutter, forgetting ourselves



Hello dear friend,

I tried to end it again

but I’ve run out of rope.



Hello dear friend,

does it ever bother you

that you are the influence

and I am the influenced?


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