I am a counterfeit, a corporate, calloused employee, employing any measure of escape, but because of this or that no one takes notice. I am good at hiding.

I am a breathtaking, charismatic leader, a romantic realist, a charity of benevolence, benefiting off the reverberations of my love. I am a cathedral.


I am a sick disease, a manifestation of evil within me, a sound, a siren, a catcall, garbage, death, and tyranny. I am a liar.

I am earth, a sweet song, soil and love and prosperity, cutting through and finding truth. I am purity and hope.


I am tired, tired of waiting for death, of not dying, of lying, living, striving. I am filled with sorrow.

I have zest for life, for living, for love, seeing stars awake and unfold and bring life. I am the universe, whole, complete, completely expanding.


I am a bundle of contradictions, fears and loves, inconsistently consistent and consistently inconsistent. I am striving, am resting, am  hoping, doubting, hating, and loving. I am looking for peace within me, within me, within me and this world. I am praying, am cursing, am singing and screaming. I am calling out, but not listening, listening, but not calling out. I am brave, am frightened, am whole and empty, soft hearted and hard. Hoping to some day be filled, complete, whole, and knowing I am already.


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