men call women – bitches


but women are tired of their men being bitches


men are tired of being told

the wild-west is in their backyard

at their desks, in suits and ties

tired of watching their friends leaping from

bridges, buildings, and boredom

and wanting to join them


a woman cries out:

it’s no wonder

look what you’ve done to

my mountains/valleys/oceans

where is my water

what have you done with my oil

I gave you the wind/sun/and rain

yet you dig within my soil

spill blood and say THIS


this is what’s valuable

what holds value


this is what’s greater than a woman’s life


is man’s purpose

to toil the earth

to dig deep within me

as if I was god

only to realize at the time of death

it was within them

it was/is/will be them



keep men blind


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