seen my strobe?

i read Job to find I was job

except it wasn’t cattle and children

the devil through god was taking away from me

it was peace of mind and presence

and sometimes i wonder if the presence is absent

to see if i will be like Job


and not let slip a curse from my lips

yet sometimes i wonder if my lips are cursed

and god has been unyielding

in his abandonment of me

but i hear this beat within my chest

but i hear this knocking upon the door

and i’m blinking


trying to clear my vision

grasping for the light/door handle/god/something to tell me i am right on the right path

but i think that’s the thing with god

he left us this perplexing monologue

which seems more of a question

which leads to more questions

rather than answers

and more disagreement

rather than unity

and blasphemy is blasphemy to one and bliss to another

and no one seems to know what they are talking about

and i’m tired of religion that blots out the sun and curses the moon

i just want to see and feel warmth

and isn’t that the point

to live while i am alive

to love because loving is a wonderful thing



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