I think I’m hesitant to write about love, because I’m a perfectionist

And I have no words for it or not enough words for it

I know the words held loosely on my tongue cannot come close to washing the feet of love

Even if I searched the recesses of my mind, perused the dictionary, gathered all the great poets

I don’t think I could come close to what love is and even if I did

No words can describe what it’s like to look deep with in your eyes

What it’s to lie next to you, to protect and be protected by

To rest my head upon your bare breasts and listen to your heart beat within your own world

If I were to try to provide a thesis of love I would say, You take me down to the river of your soul and water me, we rest in a cool meadow with the sun warming our skin. Here I would stammer, stutter, and stop, because I could spend an eternity describing the warmth emitting from your skin, the life source that warms my body, my hands, my heart. Your head fits perfectly in the crook of my neck and my arms wrap around you a thousand times. I love you is a silly word if it means anything less and I am a silly, fruitless man if I think I’ve cornered the market on what love truly is.


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