YOU or What I Know & Love


Grasping for straws

Trying to make love in foreign unnatural ways

Like upside down with

My head buried in the sand

Like right side up

Under water with sharks

Like lost in a jungle with

No place to call my own


Turn and do the things you did before.


This is me turning, me apologizing

This is me saying sorry, I’m going to say no more so I can say yes more

This is me looking, seeing body, mind, spirit

This is me looking at body, mind, spirit

Can I hold you tight so we can let the other breathe for us

Can I press my stomach against yours and let

My heart beat for you and your heart beat for me

Can I join you on the mountain

And I’ll bring my sun and you bring yours


I’m in love with a woman who has fiery golden hair

Whose skin grows darker, deeper

Whose eyes hold the whole world

I’m in love with a woman whose hands are resourceful

Able to move mountains

Whose feet are calloused, strong, able to walk the circumference of the globe

In a single go

And her glow

Is nothing less than a reflection of what the stars show


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