biPOLAR or A list of things I want

I know I must come across as confusing as times

But I’m not so sure it has anything to do with the mind of mine


But more so resources within self-care

You asked me in the letter you wrote before you left

“What are your favorite self-care remedies?”

I couldn’t answer that.


Rather in you being gone

I’ve been in this limbo

Of seeing you know what you want

And pursuing it

And me pondering what it is that I want

Besides only you

Because if I am only wanting only you

I could never be enough for all that is you


So here is what I want:


I want a small home sooner rather than later,
But only to move in with you.


I want to pour into young men’s lives
and show them their worth because I know mine.


I want to travel and see the world,
but in a sustainable way that allows me to see more and stay longer every time.


I’ll be okay with saying that I am a poet and my next project will be something special.


I will graduate with a degree in creative writing,
But I may not get my masters, at least not now, because I think I’d rather be a yoga instructor, work with my hands, and own property and rent it out to before mentioned young people.


I want the things I spend my time doing to grow my mind, body, spirit in the direction of good health.


I want to be open with my dreams, creation, and personality and let them grow and flourish
and I want to be not only okay with, but encourage you in your pursuit of doing the same thing.


I want to be fully alive and continue to fully know you.


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