Titled: Title

Can I run away too?

A season a year a lifetime

Because I’m having trouble navigating within my own skin

I don’t know why I’ve been so -gosh dern afraid-

But my lungs are squeezing in on my heart

And every breath I take prevents it from beating

I want to just be alone

But my mind lingers around the room

Like a balloon that is draining out its air

Until it falls lifeless and red on the floor

Between closet and room

I can’t shake this feeling

Have you seen the thing that’s following me

It’s the man in blue

Standing at street corners

Street corner

Arching his back and laughing

At the top of his lungs

Because he has no heart to deflate

No soul to seperate

And sometimes my envy gets the better of me

Because my face is turning blue

But from lack of air, of oxygen

And I just want to touch his cloak

Just the edge of his cloak

Yet I’m trampled by the crowds


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