I was

Once a

Wild Man


I still am


See the ice in these hands

Bone marrow – Bone marrow


I have run from ideas that have never been

Big tall buildings of ideas

That spill from windows and leap to street corners

Opening up jackets and whispering in my ear


Is it the needle, is it the needle


My mind is pregnant with dissatisfaction

And I barely know myself

I walk down alleys ways, swaying, drunkenly

Trench coat waist cinched tight against my protruding hip bones

Bone marrow


Be not afraid – do not be afraid of the next word that comes sliding out off my tongue

Let yourself fall into the deep end of your dreams

I will teach you how to swim

Drowning – almost – is the way to do just that

When there and your struggling stops

And you begin to sink

Look for the drain and pull it open

There will be a rushing sound

Like the one you will make when you come up for air

And you will be sucked inside

Do not fight it though, do not fight it

There be monsters around every bend

That are as blind as he is

Do not worry

They have no names

And no master to call them back

But are all too tired to pull against their chains

And fine with you sneaking on past


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