Sometimes on Sundays

I fall apart



Was no exception

It was like I was trying to

Figure something out

As if

As if

As if I needed to know something

If I was an alcoholic

If there would be promises

Up until that point of offering

And then you would do it again

Because you

Love it

My name

My name

You say

Until I look

*i love it*

As if to assure me

That I

Was holding you back

Causing some great


Don’t think about it

Don’t think about it

Simply become aware of your thoughts

You’re tired

There is no reason to figure anything out

There’s nothing you need to figure out

I replay the conversation

White spittle on mirror

As I brush my teeth

And think about what we said

You love it

I know that

From how often the stories are told

The memories

The good times


So I think I know

I think I have a grasp


I love it

You assure me and it is in the way

You assure me

Like I am holding you back

Like I am holding you back

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