I wanted to write something for you this morning

And I do so because I know there is an infinite

Amount of ways to say I love you.

So I’ll start with the simplest,

Baby,  I love you.

I know that beauty lies around every bend

And in the corner of our eyes you can find

Lines from laughter.

I know I can smile at you from sunrise

To setting

And every stage of the moon.

I would love you in every moment.

And when I say love you,

What I means is

I’d be beside you

Holding you with my arms around you waist.

You have become my favorite taste,

My jungle of discovery.

When I say I love you,

I mean you are an ever evolving goddess

A Helen, Hera, Hestia,

You are my muse

And it isn’t even about me.

Oh how you make me feel,

But oh who you truly are.

A well spring of the freshest water

And with every drink from your lips

My parched tongue is satisfied.

You are a love I have never known

And I want to walk with it through

The entirety of time.

Keep smiling at me,

Keep whispering my fears away,

Keep loving me,

I love you.

I will walk through every valley,

Dance on every mountain,

Always and forever love you

Because look at you,

You are the embodiment of warmth

And the nectar of love

You are attached to the vine

And the wisest one I know.

Let me hear more of your words

And let me sit closer to the hearth.

You are my Queen, my friend, my joy

It is my delight to love you.

All that is you, I want to hold,

I want to see it fly

And grasp everything it has ever dreamed of.

I fight for, with, and alongside of you.

My dearest, I truly, truly, truly

Love you.


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