I miss writing letters to you

It’s the clearest way I can communicate

I miss reading your words

Such a picture of the mind

I read your words today


I wanted to read something

I hadn’t yet

And it was notes to other boys

Ones you had fallen in love with

It was notes of struggle

Of the deepest pain

Notes of insecurity

And finding security in love’s name

I read that thing


Same height or shorter

And I get to thinking about what your thoughts are

Right this minute

And every second since March

I wonder what notes

Tumbled through there

Which ones you wouldn’t want me to read

We all need space to place

The thoughts that litter our head

We all need a spot to pin

The I love yous

And things left unsaid

At the end of this one

You’ll see

From me to you

 I love yous

Is all I’ve ever said



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