promises in bathrooms

the world is caving in outside

it is moving like ants do

swarming, swirling, whirling

but let’s be present here

and let me speak truth

i hold your head

and grip you waist

i hold it tight

to let you know there is

a force here

to let you know

i mean what i say

i tell you about the kids

we will have

how i will fight for them

i talk about our demons

how i will fight them

i talk about the past

how it couldn’t matter less

how it means nothing

holds no power

nor influence over my love

for you

tears are streaming

but i will not let myself get

choked by them

i hold your waist tighter

and say

that i will fight for you

like no man ever has

i will be there for you

like no one else

ever could

i will be you warrior

i will love you

and please you

and serve you

and be a present constant

in your life

i will fall to my knees and pray

and rise

and do battle with anything

and everything

that would ever choose

to set foot in our way

i will kiss your lips

and touch you so tenderly

as if i was approaching fire

my love will burn and beat

bright within my chest

it will be so fierce

and so strong

there will never


be a second of doubt

in your mind

in your heart

that i am for you

i am with you

i have chosen you

and i choose you

you are my equal

my lover

my very best friend

my lovely muse

my lovely muse

keep writing poems

on my heart

i will always share

how much i love you

and i will

find a way to describe that

to you

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