Neural Pathways vs. Reality

I’ve been writing music these days

No, I’ve been dying in my rage

Lying to myself

Saying I’m no longer in a cage

Paying wage after wage

To keep my age

But remain a slave

I am silly meter

And silly rhyme

I am easy words

That come first

And stay with time

I am not Whitman

Not immortal

And very contained

Between my boots and my hat

I’m lost to greatness

And bound by fate

To be left behind

When Jesus calls us to his gates

I am the breath of life

The sun lives within me

And I am it’s rays

Burning quickly

Yet bringing warmth

Cold bodies love me

Even if I am such a vapor

I am the breath of God

I am beauty made

In his image



Not bound by the limits of my body

But alive in the limitlessness

Of my spirit

I will be dancing at heaven’s gates

Forever loved

This is all our fates



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