Saturday Pt. VI of VII

Last night, it was 2:00am

I searched her blog as I always do

There was a new post


It was about us

Our love

Our future

Our present

Our past


We are getting married you know?

In one year, two years, three years, four

It doesn’t really matter, because we will share our lives together

Each year will pass and we will become something new

There won’t be sharp edges

Or old wounds

Because faults will be dulled in her love

And she in mine


I could never be as [poetic] as I’d like to in describing us

It’s not a fairytale

It’s two children who have decided to hold hands forever

Even after

They find out there is no such thing as fairytales

It is teenagers with woes and angst

Who see themselves in the other

And realize they are welcome in the other

It is grown ups who see life’s responsibilities

Demands and dangers

And still choose to live like children

In the land of devils

But devils hide from children

Because they cannot come near purity


So my dear,

May I always love you with a full heart

You deserve it

May I wash your feet and remind you

At all times how exquisite you are

Because you deserve it

Let my words be endless in adoration and praise

That I have taken flight with this angel


You are a mixture of magic and majesty

A toss between grace and gorgeousness

You are holy and pure

Sanctified and righteous

And I will ever be at your side


There is no longer a need when the pieces have aligned

Some day there will be a perfect poem

The right words

To express my love for you and my reception of your love for me

And every day will be our wedding night

And I’ll read these vows over and over again


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