Monday Pt. I of VII

The days are sailing by

Literally sailing by

It’s as though we are on a ship


We are racing with time

Using its momentum and our own

To leave these days behind


If I’m not careful

I’ll find myself wishing for Saturday

No, not Saturday as in the end of the week

But Saturday as in the moments I spend with you


That can happen on a Monday morning

A Tuesday evening

A phone call after work on Wednesday


A late night on Thursday


I’ll wake up with sleep in my eyes on Friday

I’ll realize today is the day I have to say goodbye

I’ll bolt upright and wrap my arms around you

And think please don’t go, please don’t go, stay here

I’ll kiss you on the lips

I’ll kiss you on the lips once again

And I’ll say,

I’m excited for you

And I am.

I’ll say,

Good luck to you. Marvels await

And mean it.

I’ll say,

I cannot wait to see you again and I won’t wish away time for more Saturdays

And I’ll really try not to.


But we all know Saturdays were meant for lovers




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