Oh I’m in love

(I want to say serious things, future things, but I’ll talk about right now)

The warmth is indescribable.

To have someone to hold.


I have walked a bloody road.

Of broken hearts.


But it has led me here.

Taught me how to love.

Now to be next to you.

To be able to wrap my arms around your waist.

Knowing you want this, almost as much as I do.


Or perhaps just as much.

But not more.

No, definitely not more.

What I’m really saying is I want to place my hand on you hips when we sleep

I want to kiss the sleep from your lips

And share our own language

This will be good for your tummy

This will give you energy for the day

This will hydrate your body

This will warm your heart

I will wet your lips

And say thank you sweet wonder for breakfast


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