Heaven is formed placing one letter after another

My child, my angel

My future, my friend

I’ve seen the future in the stars

My soul will never die

I am every man woman and child

I am wild wild hair

Star child

And rugged feet

I am all the miles in between

Every heart that has tried to align

But now lies apart

I am the finish

I am the start

I am past present future and all the good things

I am love at first sight

Power and might

The cure to your disease

And needle and thread for your broken heart

A collection for all scattered pieces

Let me lay hands on you

Heal your soul

Let me tell your spirit all the things it already knows

I am jupitor

I am the angels

I am fire for warmth

And a cool glass of water

I am the cigarette for the children

After sex

The sigh that comes from the woman’s mouth

The muscle spasms the man tries to hide

I am the laughter that breaks across their faces

I am silk

I am her legs

I am a warm hand on your heart

In the dark of night

I am oxygen in lungs of the runner

I am milk from breasts of mothers

I am a compass for the invisible

To find its way home

I am the presence that reminds you

That you are never alone

I am zion on mountaintops

I created the fetal position

For wombs and the darkness that invades our minds

I am all that is good in humanity

And I will not be defeated by media

By disaster

By religion or work

By book burnings

And crucifictions

No martyrs nor man can stop me

I am love reaching from within

From the out

I am the energy that beats within the spirits of every living thing

I am birth and life and rebirth and breath and living again

My soul is a home for the weary travel

And all are welcome to come within

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