Swinging Bulb v

I: It means nothing

Interviewer: What greater voice are you trying convey?

I: There is so greater voice. There is just my own, just the words that spill from my throat.

Interviewer: Then why is it that you write? Wouldn’t the world benefit more if those that were not trying to say anything remained silent?

I: I didn’t say I wasn’t trying to create anything and very seldom have I ever written for the world. I write because that is what I have when it is late at night and the colors fade. The ability to change a blank page into something I desire, that’s why I write, because it reminds me that I, even my self, can be altered and molded. I never asked anyone to start reading. They asked me if they could, but that was after I told than what I was, or er, uh, rather, that is, what I do. And to that last question… No ones going to remain silent. So why should I?

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