peace treaty

Before the moon rises and the sun sets

You can call me friend before we undress

Before Mars Attacks and retro spaceships

There was fruit hidden in between your lips

Before Mardigras and stereo systems

You were on my mind and my decisions

Before the sun rose and blistered my vision

Before time stopped halting hindering our mission

There were far too many things to mention

Late nights and hideously awkward positions

I’m fidgeting making my conditions

Oh pastor, oh priest will you hear my rendition

Perilous confessions to old men while I go into remission

Old friends, who aren’t friends because of twisted arm snitches

Oh God, it’s you and me now and I still haven’t made my decision

Belief in god or horrendous permission

Please just put me down like a visit from a witness

My mind is agape and you are God

See my stones and the graves I’ve robbed

Yet these many men still wish to call me God

While I stare into the mirror and look at the many men I’ve robbed.



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