Someone Else

Blonde girl, blue eyes, probably nineteen

Doesn’t know a thing about love

Think she does


“When he came in the room and our eyes locked… I knew, I just knew.”


Blonde head, blue eyes, probably nineteen

Strung to the hood of her mim-or-eee

Bound to the heartache so fry-tin-neeeen


“He is the most intelligent man I have ever known.”


Blonde hair, blue eyes, probably nineteen

With no soul

Just the images of an internet feed

Repeat repeat


“This is what’s wrong with him. That’s why it doesn’t ever work out. He’s so… His family is just…”


Harmony, harmony

Blue eyed girl, probably nineteen

Looking for a love she’ll never find

And when life is over at the end of time

all past lovers with crippled minds

And you’ll sit wishing you could just rewind



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