I am fire, I am flame, I am light, I am pain

I am God, I am grace, I am man, Universal face

Meet your universal race

I am sin, I am sanctification, I am all things

Endless intuition

I am saved, I am damned, I am love, I am hate

I am the flames of shame across a child’s face

I am here, I am misplace, misspent, recycled, repent

I am humanity, I am perfection, I am messes, I am confussion

I’m clarity, magic, and madness

Undressed or dressed to your satisfaction

I am insecurity, manipulation, constant fluster-ation

I am disease, I am rebirth, I am Zion, I am red dirt

I’m sand, I’m sun, I goddess, I’ve won

I’m loss, I’m lost, I’m found, I’m now

I’m peace and war

I’m something


To ignore, I’m attention, I’m deficit, I’m disorder

I’m depression, I’m joy and I need that shit

I’m suicides in bathtubs with razor blades and hand gernades

I’m a child born in this moment who will live fast and die young

But love so well my son, my son

I’m Zion, I’m heaven. I’m torment, I’m hell.

I’m the devil, I’m Jesus

Both hear the same cry

Free us

Free us


Please us


Oh Jesus

I’m Muhammad, I’m Buddha, I’m anger, I’m Satan

I’m women, I’m man, I’m unity and youth, I’m wisdom and old and dying with truth

I’m high stakes and high claims, low brow and no fame

I’m one with all and all with one

I’m zero, I’m hero, I’m Nero and weirdo

And lost and lost and lost

And well, I’m found

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