Long Thoughts Today

I’ve been watching the universe unravel


It correlates to my breaths

The inhale

The exhale

I can see the ripples

Shaking the illusion of time

And other cool things to say.

I think it’s a hard thing to accept


That is.

I’ve always held onto the premise


I’ll live forever.

But I won’t.

My spirit may

My conscience may

But not my body.

It’ll grow old


No longer proportionate

And I’ll

Have to learn to love myself

Once again.

It’s easy when I’m young

to look at my naked reflection

And feel at ease

At least mostly.

There is plenty of loathing,

But nothing like there could be

When frailty hits.

My skin isn’t so taught anymore

My tattoos aren’t where they

Once were

My mind isn’t as sharp as

It used to be

My memory of the little things

The recent things is slipping.

Finally I am seclude

To a dark room

A breathing machine keeps

Me alive

I’m surrounded by people

I do not know

And some I am no longer

Able to remember.

We all die alone

Experience the death alone

There are not many who die


So it is alone I go

And as I close my eyes

It’ll either be over

Or the beginning of something



But I do not want to arrive there and feel that I have squandered my life betting on something else.

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