I’ll title this “I love you”

Spotless mind

Spotless mind

If I had no knowledge of past thoughts

No introspection of future plans

What would I see?

I would see

Old woman

In turquoise jacket

Short gray hair.

I wouldn’t miss the hello

From bald headed marine.

Nor the IT guy flexing

In the middle of the hallway

In his maroon

Shirt, he pretends to just be holding his laptop

Maybe he is just strong…

I would hear the sweet voice of

My coworker

Saying Good morning

In her southern draw.

I would hear the little voices

Of people down the hall

Learning to communicate.

I would see my fingers moving across

The keys


I haven’t yet mastered

Where each letter lies

Or maybe I just like to watch them work.

If I was present, I would be thinking about


My counterpart

My plus one

My  two

My friend.

I would wonder what activities

Of mine she is mirroring

Across the Atlantic.

I am wondering what her

Present moment is like.

Is she in the future

Or the past?

Or is she here with me now?

I hope it’s the later

Because even though the past

Is where we were together

And the future holds strong

Promise of that too

Only now, only now

Can I be here with you.


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