Shitty Poetry

I don’t think anyone takes me serious as a drug addict anymore.

I hold the pipe to my mouth

Fuck it! I’ll do it. Don’t believe me?

It’s like I’m to far removed, too sober.

I don’t like that. It’s like I’m becoming too plastic, too formed.

I like to be a bit grungy.

Can you see the powder in my nose?

They used to. I think I used to think people thought I was cool

For the ecstasy,

The cocaine,

The Ketamine,

The amphetamines,

The loratabs and xanax

Oxys and mollys.

We all smoked pot.

I would pride myself on the fact that I would put any chemical in my body.

Mix me up a concoction from beneath your sink

I’d drink it.

I felt like a god.

Until I started loosing weight.

Until I couldn’t get a job.

Until I spent my last dollars on a shitty joint.

Until my ribs started sticking out

And my drug dealer broke my nose

And I was one step away from fucking and sucking my way to my next fix.


Sometimes the things I miss

Have a lot more shit behind the curtain.

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