Swimming Pools Drank

What’s that on your arm?


He touches the scar and

This embarrassed smile breaks out across his face

Relief resides there too though

Because it’s a reminder he’s not where he was

Oh this

He rubs it

Feeling the lumps, the raised skin

Restoration is amazing really

He knows they don’t want to hear

The whole story

Uh I used to be in kind of a dark place

It’s kind of a reminder of how free

I am now

The parents look at each other

The mom stutters and spits out

Oh oh I thought it was some kind of

Birth mark

They get quiet after that

But I’m not ashamed of my honesty

I’ll tell you anything that lies

On my trail or within me

I’m not ashamed

I do understand

Honesty is tough to hear though

But I’ve already spent all my lies

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