I kiss your tears

Not away

But so I can taste your thoughts

I hold your face

So I can meet your eyes

And memorize

Its contours and shape

I interlock my fingers in yours

A metaphor


Our hearts

I scoot close

Cause you are warm

And our bodies start

A small fire

I wash your feet

You wash mine

We’re like Jesus

We’re like Jesus

I massage your back

Because it’s the only way

I know for certain

To remove the worries

And stress and demons

That cling there

I know somebody loves my ass, because they helped me beat my demon’s ass.

It only takes one for pleasure

But to pilot the galaxy

There must be a you

And there must be a me

I see big love in your eyes

Why would I look away?

We are prayers

We are storytellers

We are curious

And questioners

We are lovers

And lullabies

I am chilvary

You are woman


I love you, I love you, I love

I may say it too much, but it is never enough

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