Paradox of love being heartless

I’m trying to figure out where it says to cast the first stone

I’m stoned

Rolling home

Dodging mailboxes and government drones

Healthcare, food stamps, and begging at the corner

We hate the poor

Because their so poverty stricken

The widows are too lonely

And the orphans have no one to follow

So they build gangs that lead to chains

The whole time they proclaim

This is the way to fame

Cycles perpetuated by people that could care less

Meanwhile the careless

Get cared for less

He didn’t have gloves

I had a pair

But I didn’t give them to him

Because he was would go by drugs

By the same man the self proclaims

He is the light of all love

I’d rather buy a man a meal

Than tell him his hunger pains will go away

If he just takes religion’s deal

I rather give a man twenty dollars

So he could go get his fix

Than leave him on the corner

Prostituting his next….


Like I’m so holy

Passing people on sidewalks

Not caring to meet their gaze

Because I don’t want to half to tell them no

No, I don’t have a wallet of cash

When I do

No, I don’t have time to even tell you no

So you can sit there with

Your little tin cup

Your cardboard sign

And a hoping smile

That hasn’t known hope

For awhile


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