Stuff yo udon’t need to know, yet I tell you anyways

I want forever



say never


It gets better



Thoughts fester

As I caress her

Mess her

Hair up

Are you aware

We are opening up

Our selves


Books shelves







Why is it that you write so well about love?

How is it that you could be so grateful for someone who has made a million mistakes?

I’ve hurt people


Before we grow close and become warm

I felt like you should know so you know what I know

But you keep drawing closer

Enticing me

Liking me

And now this word:





Is that it though?

I suppose the only thing evol

About love

Would be its opposite

But when pain comes

Love feels evol

I just pray when the pain comes

We can evolve a bit

Because I want a future too







The idea of fighting, scratching, screaming, biting, groaning, moaning, cursing, and betrayal

Oh how painful

Cause people eventually get upset

People eventually hurt


I pray it’s all unintentional


But that doesn’t make it all


I want to be quick to forgive

And let my heart heal

I pray our hearts rest in

Suspensions of grace

I pray we heal and

Heal well

And when we fight

It ends in closeness

Because what I see in my parents

Is not a love that has grown cold

But a love that has shrivled

And died




Reflections from the future




It’s funny to write this

While I’m in the fire

While loving you is

So pure

It’s funny to write this

When I don’t need to

When it’s all a million miles

Into the future

I think I’m just writing this

Because if forever is near

While we are still here

I want to love you better

And brighter and bigger

Every day

Every day I know you better

Every day our love gets brighter

Every day our lives get bigger

Sorry if this is weir

I mean weird

I’m just trying

To explain while

We’re still here



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