Under the Dome of the Willow Tree

Homework due at last minute

No stress

Rejection yet we still send it

No stress

House a mess live in it

No stress

Work a mess clock in for it

No stress

#soblessed #soberbutvexed #lifesamess

No stress

Broken heart Bible

No stress

Late start, empty heart revival

No stress

Blonde hair, blue eyes

No stress

Black hair, black eyes

No stress

My hand, heart, mind is kind

No stress

Your soul, spirit, song is alive

No stress

Rain pitter, patter

Children’s laughter

Heart is gold and full and brimming over

I hear the sweet sound of you voice

You’re calling

You’re actually speaking

I’ve been waiting for this

Begging for this

To hear you voice


Purpose, plan, passion

You feel more love for me than I know

You delighting in me

Oh God, you’re voice is so

Sweet, so tender, so

That’s when the alarm rings

The radio sings

Telling me tender things

But the voice is quiet

Something I’m stilling yearning for


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