Sometimes I think about a cabin in the woods

In the woods on a mountain

A mountain with snows and sunsets

Sunsets where birds silhouette the sky

Where birds silhouette the sky and sing songs of lovers

Songs of lovers and other such things

Such things I would sit and listen to

Listen to the sounds of the seasons

The seasons pass away and her car pulls up the drive

Her car pulls up the drive and I haven’t seen her but once this year

But once this year and I miss her and long for her

Long for her like water.

I know not what she’s done for the year

Jobs and mission and love.

I know not who she’s slept with

Cherished and loved.

I know the sound of her voice,

The frame of her body,

I know what she likes,

What she loves,

I know how to make her happy

And laugh tears of joy.

I know how to whisper secrets

And carve our initials in trees.

She says it’s time for her to go again.

She says she doesn’t know how long she’ll be gone.

I kiss her cheek.

I’ll miss her,

But it makes the time more sweet.


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