A Segment of Society Seperation

Pinpoint my location by the things I say and my weather predictions

Lost hallucinations, precipitation, and a chance of faulty communication

Raining wizards and warlocks and witches and mist

Minister my sinister heart and let my blood soak in the rain

Witness my hit-list written in classes about bullies and bitches and bitterness

Bullies teachers love because they are athletes and class presidents, dead presidents

Church goers and servers and priest

Claiming I’m demon possessed, obsessed and obesse

Well crawl in between the sheets, lay with me

See the way I bleed

The scares I have from the things you need from me

So if I’m a fiend in the devil’s hand

Why do I stop and see the sun rise

While you chase green and status till the grave eats you alive?


I wish I didn’t have to see the people that I see

I wish they wouldn’t ask me why I wasn’t at church anymore

Or why my money wasn’t in their pockets any longer

You act like I’m not a follower, a belieber, saved

Any more

Or I fear you do

You ask these questions but don’t care to look behind the curtain

Where my answers are

Since I don’t have a pretty bow

A yes or no

You walk along and answer for me

Ignore me

Poor me

It’s sickening

The religiosity, idiocracy

So I will tell you

I don’t want to attend a church, pretend I’m not hurt

When what I have to do to be loved by you

Is to

Attend every service, serve every person, save every soul, work every event, do everything

Kiss your ass

And still wear my Sunday, not Funday, best

And still be screamed at for not finishing strong

And still hear the flames licking at my back

You keep warning me to avoid that

And promising me of heaven’s gates

But this way, is making my life hell on Earth

And I might just stray my own way

Find my own Jesus, find my own way

And retire forever from this democracy of hate

Because some things just need to die

And some things need to rise

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