Bite (Chapter 1)

Things get out when things are left open.

Julian closed the door, the closed the closet door. It was flimsy and hollow, but still he was careful not to directly face the black opening to his clothes, because when you can’t see what’s familiar and it’s dark, something else is definitely there.

He slide to his knees, his back resting against his now closed closet door. The tiniest streak of amber from a street light came in from the window, highlighting his bed and making what was beneath it all the more darker.

Julian or Jules, as in the family “Jules”, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. It whistled as he did so. He knew he wasn’t safe yet. Not until he was in bed and all limbs and corners of the blanket were safely in the center of the mattress with nothing hanging off. He stood and braced himself, and took three quick steps and leaped.

A moment before he reached his bed, something hairy grabbed his leg. It was large and wrapped around his shine like it was a twig. He started to fall, but his torso landed on the mattress. He gripped the sheets and pulled. The corner started to pull out. The things hand slid down his leg, leaving behind stick and a smell.

Finally, his leg popped free and he slammed against the wall. His bed began to shift and something scratched at his back, as his bed began to scoot out from the wall.

He pulled himself up and grabbed his blanket and dove underneath it, curling into the fetal position in the center of his mattress.

It was quiet.

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