Bad Granny’s Bazaar (Chapter 5)

The minds of the young are easy to manipulate, so formidable, trust me. I was a child once and I was the cause for the snake bite. I gave them teeth.

Richie came to me the day he saw Rose, the girl, the beautiful girl. He rushed into the cathedral, it darkness overwhelming the light from the closing door. Splashing holy water on his face, he darted to the confession booth and sat on his hands.

“Speak little one.”

“Father, I have sinned.”

“Do tell.”

Juicy joy almost crept into my voice. Almost.

“I lusted or something.”

“What did you see?”

“A girl. She was beautiful. Her hair was gold and it-”

“Stop right there!” I roared, “Before you cause an old man to stumble. Do you have no sense a morality?”

“Forgive me father.”

His head dropped low and his shoulders slumped as he awaited for hell to open up beneath him. It didn’t, but what I taught him next would help with that.

“Son listen to me.”

A long pause.

“What you witnessed is what some would consider love at first sight. You won’t hear it talked about like you will hear about lust and the cravings of the flesh, the things that rolling over your flesh like beetles. But that just makes it all the more deadly. Because it is hidden. Do you understand?”

Whether he did or he didn’t, he nodded anyways.

“This is something we need to remove from ourselves, but like Jesus go above and beyond. We need to remove love. DO NOT LAUGH CHILD THIS IS DEADLY SERIOUS. There are those that are not meant for love and as soon as we allow it creep into our lives, it’ll swallow us. It must be eradicated and true judgement placed on the land.”

Richie said nothing in response, but from that time he was my pupil. He struggle with leaving behind his flesh. It caused him to kill Rose, but I believe that that is truly better than the latter.



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