Life as a Journey

We sit, our butts in our seats, staring at computer screens or tvs

Charts, graphs, scheming

On how one day we can live out our dreams

“I won’t be dong this forever,” We say.

“What do you do?” They ask.

“Oh, I’m just this,” or “I’m just that,” We say.

We wait for our degree, our promotion, our spouse, our kid

We wish for retirement or to have just enough to be secure enough to live freely

Eventually we all die, a terminal condition

That we avoid like the plague

I say “we” because that’s me, as well

I have forgotten what it’s like to live

Because I yearn for something more inspiring/life-giving to come

But all that ever comes is one day, one moment, one minute closer to death

Something to cry about, perhaps

Or something to allow us to be aware/present and  maybe, just maybe

We can start to live

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