He travels the steps


Feeling like a freak for being alone he strolls from room to room holding his beer

Life gets weird because the voices start again

He can hear them whispers mostly

Obviously he hasn’t had enough to drink

Sometimes he wonders if his mind is loaded with tumors




He takes another drink and listens to the conversation going beside him

They’ll know you killed her they say

He covers his phone thinking they’ll see what he is writing

I didn’t kill her

He thinks

He sees a lone drink and thinks about spiking it

Wanting someone to go home with


A warm body

They can smell the lotion on your hands

He picks at a dark spot on his hand not realizing it’s blood

Cuse me sir

He smells the dark gunk

Then he tastes it

Excuse me sir

He looks up

A business suit


Shiny shoes and forehead

The works for professional bastardization of corporate u s of fucking a

He curses when he’s drunk


He mumbles

Moving his feet from the coffee table to the floor

The man shuffle in front of him rubbing his ass against his face

This’ll be the one

This’ll be the one

He doesn’t make small talk

He doesn’t know how

Maybe if he had a few more drinks he’d be able to say something or rather but for now it would play out as this

The introduction of the subject

Hear the other persons view


Say yes no

Listen to more of the other persons views

Yes or no

And eventually the conversation would end because the other person would be too bored

Well maybe not too bored

Maybe just exhausted

Or not interested in trying to carry an entire conversation with anther human being

He really shouldn’t give himself such a hard time

He’s better than he thinks he is

He’s done a lot of great things

He held that woman’s hand at that funeral and looked her in the eye

She held his hand for at least two three minutes while she talked to him

She said he had a winning smile and shouldn’t worry about a thing

He’d make friends

Of course he would

Can you watch this for me

All to coincidental

He looks at the man but he is looking away from him

He looks around and no ones is looking at him

Who said that

The man turn and gives him a quizzical look


A what the fuck are you even saying look

Did he say that aloud

Yeah you did

Now shut the fuck up

The man turns back to his drink and his friends shaking his head

I want to poison you drink and take you home having sex with you for a week before your body starts to rot and I can’t keep you warm anymore

He was looking at his shoes as he said this

When he finished he looked up at the man but his head was still turned to him


No response

He sits up straight and keeps waiting for the man to do something in response to his psychopathness

The man continues to converse with his friends

He reaches out and taps the man on the shoulder leaving behind white powdery stuff on his shoulder



I hope he doesn’t see that

The man turns slowly and his face is caved in

Bugs scutter to and fro across his face

He pulls back


Are you okay

The man falls forward onto his lap

He closes his eye and leans back letting out the slightest moan

His eyes don’t seem to Notice the mold growing across the fridge or the Christmas lights he had hung himself across his dining room table

Nor the blood scattered across the white carpet in the living room that was covered with shit and vomit too

A few heads lay rotting next to his bed

One lay over the alarm clock so he wouldn’t hit snooze when it went off

He couldn’t afford to be lazy

No sleeping in here

Various hearts brains gizzards and other internals lay frozen in the freezer awaiting their turn

He swirled the blood in his glass and took a sip as Mr Business sucked his dick

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