Race Face Blood Bone The Same

I plead with you to call someone

The phone rings

My hope springs

But more enemies show

Their sickly faces

Prickly, color of



What if we were just flesh and bone

Needles and Pins

People who sin or don’t

Because sin doesn’t matter

If we elope

In love

Everything I wish below

I held in hands above

Soft hearted


Lost and starving


Minutes tick by and we keep bringing up our skin color

But we are now more separate than ever before

I’m white from lack of sun,

I black from shadows when the light runs

I’m red from burns

And yellow from smoke

And people are people

So start preaching hope

I’m black from birth

And white from reflecting

And red from blood

And yellow from the street lamps that line the roads of my city

I’m a person, personally


In people

I’m red made from the hands of the Lord

I’m black beneath the stars

And I’m white from paint splattered by my daughter

And yellow with universal fears

That haunt us all


Dying alone


We all fear not being one

That should be our only song

I’m yellow, all natural

I’m red from blushing and crushing and falling in love

I’m black from pupils expanding, enjoying a show

I’m white with only of hue of difference

So why such a huge difference

Such a separation

Such a gap

We all are building bridges

Reaching for unity, community, and hope

So let the fire drop to the river

And allow the work to prosper

We’re all lost here

Pay the cost here

But no man is boss here



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