My Filtered Faces/Misplaced by Milling Thoughts of Suicide and Loving Life

Pissed off

Wish you well, then wash off

Billionaires with that money?

Oh hold, dude’s a dummy

Chasing the dreams, but he chasing his mummy

Filled up, spill over, drive by till we sober

Built tall till the flowers wilt

Loved ones, finger flicking sums

Summed up

With a billionaire and a blunt

My eyes hashed, body trashed, thrashed

Finish last

My city through my eyes

High five the civilized

So lock me up

Adrenalin and pin pushing

Cops shoot, freeze

Shoot me, shoot me

Assisted suicide

Live life till we learn to fly

Billionaires in paper suits

And I have the light

Plundered, filtered

Mass appeal, facts to steal

White trash, bashed, face masked

Robbing banks with our laced gas

Trespassing, three passings


Changing my name, hits of cocaine

Bane, wane, till I reach fame

Hope for change

Hope for friends

Till we meet the end

But every day it’s begin again

And we hope for the end in this life of sin

Hit send, regret the text, blessed, heart sits in your chest

Scared, I hope to heavens

We make ends meet before the devil comes in

Life lies, hypnotized

Michelle’s eyes

Lying on the counter,

Counter balance the natural disaster

Assassin’s mark, marked

By the beast, trapped in sheets

Fleeting feelings, so meek

Inherit the earth

Parrot my parents till I die

Loved, lost, lied, flew, flied

My eyes bleed rum and I can’t get it off me

Caught up coughing

Marijuana smoke

Methamphetamine jokes

I promised I would never do

Momma and Poppa called it Crystal Death

I believed Jesus would save me through this crystal meth

That is until Crystal’s death

Pastor said God bless

But she dead

And I’m here

And I can hardly hear

Just the rumbles of gun shots and the whimper of tears

Blessed, bashed, crashed, mashed

Potato, I hate those

Mourn every mistake I’ve ever made

Can’t help to hate


My fate

I hope to God I make it through heaven’s gates

I hope to God he forgives all my fucking mistakes

Half baked

and Presidential

My two cents bought me this pencil

So elect me and I’ll give you money

Wealth, save you from hell

Show you the way and abundance of stories to tell

Vomit my mistakes

To counselors in rooms

In mushrooms

In hushed tombs

Zoom zoom

Make believe

I make believe this is what I believe that this doesn’t


His fits, furious fists


With the french kiss

Of his clenched fists

I think that copy wrottededed

Don’t quote me damn damn kid kid

Through your stupid fucking fit

And just



Free me from this slave ship

My raves hit

The bass, loose my face

Melt it or don’t feel it

Or whatever

I don’t even care

I’m passing out from the booze and long winded ness

My stress

Is trespassing

Three passings

Passing me by

Like a run away freight

Caught in the cage

I let out my drunken rage


Buildings and bloopers

Judy boots and billboards

My city is stacked with bills

And hella board

So billionaires

Pay women to suck their friends dicks

So they can watch

Cause cursing isn’t cursing from the individual if they only hear it

And women go to slinky motel rooms to get finger by lonely men

And cocks leap from buildings as though bought with the over capitalized

Debt ceiling

We broke through and spread our wings

I can be obscene because no one knows this is me

Well perhaps God or god or gods or Allah or iPhones and apples and blasphemy Snapples

Why are you hating on Snapple crazy caged crabapple

Blundered and pitched and filtered and whipped

My eyes see scream

I scream

for Icecream and Dora and Pokemon and hope and Loki

And pray my prays that if Satan finally slips from my bed and devours me in my sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

I read holy moly scriptures

Writing words and telling stories

Hoping to never grow boring

Buddy, muddy shit covered and fumbling

For wrists watch

Erp I mean

Apple watch

And apple phone

And apple dick

And apple home

Apple tv

And apple you

And apple me

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