The Pony i never had

Zebra stripes read

Sepirts Arbez backwards

Bc billionaires in playboy suits

Pay me to suit their needs

My recalling of dreams

My requim

My first time at a computer in months and I must release my story so help me God, my worry turns my guts to boiling, I hear them at my door and I must create one last thought, hope to escape, punished if a behave or refuse to misbehave. My Savior strikes me down and I lie in the muck and mire, bound by wires, my doom, my queen, sweet neptune, free my soul and all the gods I pray to may come to life. My spellbound life, trapped in miss use, miss-sense, miss reality love me like in actuality, my fate is rape and crates and hate and nakedness surrounded by the blood of others that weren’t quite as lucky as I, crazy as it may be I still dream of blue skies and hope to feel the sun on my face and hope for love to touch me respectfully once again. I must go.

Their footfalls lie heavy upon the wood floor.

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